6 Motorola CLP1010e UHF Two-way radios with HKPN4007 Multi-unit charging station


Greet your guests with style and ease, whether in a hotel, restaurant, clinic or retail environment with the CLP Series family of two-way radios. The sleek, palm-sized design of these devices allows for professional and discreet communication with team members and customers. Deliver a stress-free experience for your guests with the CLP family of two-way business radios.

CLP1010e business two-way radio operates on 1 channel with a choice of 90 UHF business-exclusive frequencies. This unique palm-sized device is 40 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than similar two-way radios in its class. An embedded antenna allows for its smart shape. A large central push-to-talk button makes CLP easy to operate. And a variety of accessories gives users multiple wearing options.

Included with Each Radio:

1800mAh Lithium Ion battery
Swivel earpiece with inline push to talk switch
Swivel belt clip holster
Drop in charging tray
2 year replacement warranty

Bowden2way provides product support for the lifetime of your two-way radios as well as offering fast and affordable two-way radio repair service.

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Flexible choice of frequencies
Operates on 90 UHF business-exclusive frequencies

Radio Specs
Single channel – UHF – 1 Watt
Weight (OZ-Ounce): 3.35
Dimensions (IN-Inch): 2 (W) 3.55 (H) 0.98 (L)

Customer Programming Software
Customize radio settings via your PC.

Smart Status Glow
Color indicates active channel, radio transmit and receive, scan and battery status.

Long battery life
Rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide up to 18 hours of battery life.

Required wired earpiece for discreet communications

Antimicrobial Protection
Helps to prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio.