Motorola CLP1060 UHF Two-way radio



This product has been replaced by the CLP1080e

Greet your guests with style and ease, whether in a hotel, restaurant, clinic or retail environment with the CLP Series family of two-way radios. The sleek, palm-sized design of these devices allows for professional and discreet communication with team members and customers. Deliver a stress-free experience for your guests with the CLP family of two-way business radios.

The CLP1060 business two-way radio is Bluetooth® capable and operates on 6 channels with a choice of 90 UHF business-exclusive frequencies. This unique palm-sized device redefines the traditional two-way radio by including only essential elements. An embedded antenna gives it a sleek shape. And Bluetooth® technology gives you the freedom to move around without wires to tangle or hold you back. A variety of accessories gives users multiple wearing options. CLP was designed with the user in mind, helping you communicate seamlessly and naturally in your business environment.

Each radio includes a bluetooth accessory kit, an 1130mAh Lithium Ion battery, belt clip holster, single unit charger and a 2 year warranty. In addition, Bowden2way provides product support for the lifetime of your two-way radios as well as offering fast and affordable two-way radio repair service

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Ships with Bluetooth Accessory Kit:
Swivel earpiece has limited wires, is comfortable for all-day wear, and provides optimal audio quality when paired with CLP radios.
Small charging pocket with plug-in power supply enables convenient charging and storage of your earpiece.

Bluetooth® Technology
Enables hands-free operation while eliminating bothersome wires.

Flexible choice of frequencies
Operates on 90 UHF business-exclusive frequencies.

Radio Model
6 channels

Customer Programming Software
Customize radio settings via your PC.

Battery versatility
Choose from standard or high capacity rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Smart Status Glow
Color indicates active channel, radio transmit & receive, scan and battery status.

Voice Assisted Operation
Voice driven menu provides access to channel, monitor, scan and call tone.

Repeater Capable
Increase range with a Motorola Repeater.

Bluetooth earpiece is required and provides discreet communications.

Antimicrobial Protection
Helps to prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio.